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Altubel's response to COVID-19. See exceptional measures 2022

01/02/2022 - altubel.com



The state of the pandemic in Spain indicates that the 2022 season will be closer to normal than 2021. Therefore, insofar as possible, Altubel will endeavour to offer our usual services again, while also upholding some of the exceptional measures that we put in place to continue guaranteeing the safety of our employees and customers. These measures may be updated and/or revised depending on the state of the pandemic and the guidelines that the health authorities issue, as well as any restrictions imposed in each region and country. The TERMS AND CONDITIONS on our website will remain in force on all matters other than those specified in the exceptional measures below. It is vital that we all comply with and follow the measures set out below and we kindly ask for your cooperation on this.

Please read the full list of measures, of which we would like to draw your particular attention to the following:

1. Most unnecessary decorative items and blankets will be kept out of apartments, so the apartment may look different to the images on our website.

2. Exceptionally, this may affect your booking dates.

3. We will continue to prioritise communicating over the phone, e-mail or WhatsApp to stay within the capacity limit in our office without inconveniencing our guests. We kindly request that you avoid going to the office in person unless absolutely necessary.

4. As we've been doing since the start of the pandemic, all payments must be made by credit/debit card or bank transfer to avoid cash payments insofar as possible. A €100 deposit is required by bank card in all cases without exception.

5. Guests must comply fully with the rules of the buildings where our apartments are. Please bear in mind that communal facilities (swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, etc.) may not be open.

6.This season we will once again be able to enjoy the extra services we usually offer, such as rental of coffee machines, deck chairs, etc.

7. We will continue to be flexible about cancellation policies, especially when directly linked to the pandemic.





- Altubel has updated our Contingency Plan that sets out clear guidelines to prevent Covid-19 on our premises, with the sole and exclusive aim of protecting our customers and employees.

- We regularly inform our staff on the recommendations that the competent organisations and institutions make and, if necessary, we provide specific training with the latest information on how to prevent Covid-19 in the workplace.

- Our staff have been provided with the necessary equipment to ensure that, if used properly, they are highly unlikely to contract Covid-19 during their working day.



- If for any reason we have to change your booking dates, we will notify you immediately so you can decide whether to keep your booking or cancel it at no cost and with a full refund of any down payments made. Please see our Special Covid-19 cancellation and booking policy for all other cancellation terms and conditions.

- You can check in with us at any time on the first day of your booking but you can enter the apartment only between 5pm and 8pm. If your apartment has a parking space, you can use it from 12 noon onwards. It is vital that you let us know your expected arrival time so that we can have your keys ready for you and avoid too many people waiting in reception.

- To speed up the check-in process, we will send you all necessary information regarding your booking (where to collect the keys, the location of the apartment and parking space, if applicable, etc.) before you arrive.) We will also send you in advance the forms you have to fill out and give us when you arrive so that you can send them in advance along with the required documentation by email or using the form on our webpage, if at all possible. If you aren't able to send them in advance, you must bring them when you check in.

- - Rental services for extras such as coffee machines, toasters, deck chairs, parasols, tennis rackets, safeguarding personal belongings, etc., will once again be available to customers. Likewise, we can offer extra services such as cleaning (for a fee) during your stay. In addition, subject to availability and our current prices, we can offer luggage storage, late check-out, rental of towels, cots and extra beds, blue zone parking passes and additional parking spaces.

- All payments must be made by credit/debit card or bank transfer to avoid cash payments insofar as possible

- A €100 deposit is required by bank card in all cases without exception to guarantee that the apartment is left in perfect condition and in keeping with the Covid-19 hygiene instructions (dispose of your rubbish, toiletries, cleaning products and food; put your sheets and towels in the plastic bags provided by Altubel, etc.). A pre-authorised payment on your credit/debit card will be used as the deposit, which we will return when we have checked the apartment.

- Guests must comply fully with the rules of the buildings where our apartments are. Please bear in mind that communal facilities (swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, etc.) may not be open. You are recommended to avoid using lifts and use the stairs whenever possible. . If you need to use the lift, you are advised to travel alone and to wash your hands before and after every time.



1)Your booking can be cancelled free of charge and with a full refund of any down payments made, provided that:

a) Altubel has to change your booking dates for whatever reason.

b) Your arrival date is affected by travel restrictions imposed in your region or country.

c) The booking holder or any of the other guests has to self-isolate because they have tested positive for Covid-19 or been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive.

2) If you need to cancel your booking for any other reason related to the pandemic, we offer two alternatives:

2.1) You can change your booking to later in the 2022 season (i.e. postpone your booking). Naturally this is subject to availability, but we only need to change your current booking and apply your down payment to the new booking.

2.2) If you cannot change to different dates in the 2022 season, we can keep your down payment and apply it to a booking for 2023.Booking prices may change in this case, although we will not increase the price above consumer price inflation and we will save the same apartment for the new dates (pending signature of 2023 contracts with apartment owners). This is very similar to the pre-booking procedure we offer all our customers which allows you to put your name down on a booking for next year pending confirmation from the tenant that they will rent the apartment again (this applies to 95% of our bookings). If the apartment will not be available to rent in 2023, we will return your down payment or look for another one with the same or similar features and give you precedence over bookings made since.

We believe that these options are mutually beneficial because it enables us to offer our customers the chance to cancel without a penalty payment while also contributing to ensure the normal functioning operation of our company during this exceptional situation.

3) Our standard cancellation policy will apply to all other cases (see Terms and Conditions V). More info at Special Covid-19 Cancellation and Booking Policy



- Our office has been adapted to serve our customers safely. In addition to full cleaning of all areas every day, there are partition screens, social distancing signs, hand sanitiser gel and we have removed all of our usual brochures and leaflets to send digital versions to you on request (email, WhatsApp, etc.). Unless the health authorities decide otherwise, face masks are compulsory.

- Capacity in our reception is limited to two families, with a maximum of two people each. We ask all other people who wish to be served to wait outside at the required safety distance from each other (at least 2 metres).

- We have a protocol for handing over keys to ensure they are disinfected after use so that they are properly sanitised and protected.

- We have taken the necessary measures to make check-ins and check-outs as quick as possible to avoid people having to queue.

- Whenever possible we will communicate with you by phone, email or WhatsApp, and we kindly ask you only to come to the office if strictly necessary.

- Before you arrive, we will also send you recommendations on using the apartments and suggestions for safe tourism in our area, as well as information on medical services should you need them.



- At Altubel we have adopted measures to ensure that both our internal and external staff can do their jobs safely.

- We must strictly observe the time difference between one guest leaving and the next arriving so that we can ensure that our cleaning staff can thoroughly clean and disinfect the apartment and everything in it, in accordance with our Special Cleaning Plan.

- All bedding will be washed at over 60º with disinfectant products, as per the Ministry of Health's recommendations to kill any type of virus or bacteria.

- Most of the cleaning materials we use are disposable and any others are disinfected after each use.



- In the event of a breakdown, we would appreciate it if you could notify us by phone or WhatsApp during office hours, to keep our office capacity down.

- If our own maintenance staff or an external company has to go to the apartment, you are advised to vacate it while they fix the problem. When they have finished, our staff will go in to clean anything they may have touched.

- If the problem cannot be solved without the guest, you must observe the 2-metre safety distance and wear a face mask at all times.

- We will clean the filters in apartments with air conditioning regularly to ensure sanitation.

Telephone: 964 48 98 29
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Our office is open from monday to saturday from 9h00 am to 14h00 pm and from 16h00 to 20h00.

Sunday from 10h00 to 13h00 pm.

If you want to contact us, you can phone 0034 964 48 98 29 o write us to: info@altubel.com

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